Multi Screen Production

Every screen is now a platform to display your content but each one of them have their own rules. Understanding what people are looking for when using these various devices allow us to produce and distribute your content across this different screens. We provide a varied approach to content creation that will ensure you entertain and inform your audience in the right way across multiple devices.

Live Streaming

Streaming is not a new technology, but the mainstream distribution platforms are and now they are available to every one. We provide the tools and “know how” to go live from any location to any platform. A one-stop-shop for Multicam production, live encoding and distribution in any format you need.

Resolution Independent Post Production

We love technology! It helps us work better and faster, reducing the costs. We use all the state-of-the-art digital cameras, online editing suites, compositing suites and media servers so we keep our workflow resolution independent and 100% digital. This way, clients can access and preview the job whenever they want on any device!

Interactive Media

Through social media, anyone can interact with your content. They provide companies with a way to reach new customers and engage with existing ones through content build specificly for them. We work with some of the best digital agency’s to produce and adapt content for social media interactivity or second screen media.


Multicam Production

From a two-camera interview to a 24-camera music concert, we did it all from the past 15 years. With so many camera types, codecs and editing workflows to choose from, it’s hard to get the right setup! We provide concerts, stage shows, corporate, and TV series with ultra-reliable playback, recording and streaming, and the tools to enable the efficient ingest, editing and archiving content in a highly collaborative, integrated environment.

Training and Consulting

NEON provides specialised consultancy & training services for all companies working within the creative fields of digital film and Post Production. Consulting provided by NEON guarantees any project workflow and end result, with the requirements varying according to the type of project, the media being used, as well as final deliverable requirements. We also provide advanced training in FCP X, D’avinci Resolve and data management for teams.

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